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Nutritional Consultation

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Consultations can be done locally in-office or world-wide online via Skype or phone. The initial nutritional consultation lasts approximately one hour. The following areas will be discussed during the consultation: present and past medical history, digestion, sleep, inflammation, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise habits and emotional well-being. A BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis) test will be performed and results will be explained in full.  A treatment plan will be provided for any health challenges using natural therapies including herbal medicine, vitamin and mineral therapy, nutritional counselling, lifestyle counselling, detoxification and cleansing programs as well as a customized menu plan. These programs are individually created specifically for each patient’s needs.

Follow-up consultations are approximately 15-30 minutes long and are usually held every 1-4 weeks. In these sessions, progress evaluation will be examined, and any challenges will be addressed. The patient will usually undergo a series of 5-10 follow-up appointments.




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