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Helping you heal naturally

Our clinic promotes health and wellbeing through a variety of proven natural medicine therapies. We believe in restoring health and assisting the body to heal naturally. We are passionate about educating and empowering individuals to achieve an optimal state of health and wellbeing.



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Full treatment plan for any health challenges through the use of natural therapies, nutritional counselling, lifestyle counselling, detoxification and cleansing programs.


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We are pleased to offer you online access to our clinic dispensary for professional supplements designed for Natural Medicine practitioners.


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“Essential Health is dedicated to providing professional, safe and effective complementary health care through the use of research and evidence based on natural medicine therapies.”

- Dr. Cobi 


Your path to wellness begins here!


Dr Cobi offers a wide range of natural healing treatments. Our patients are of the upmost importance to us and our priority is to provide exceptional service. 

Research and Evidence Based

We stay current on all treatments to be able to bring you evidence-based therapies that are proven to work.

Online Store

Order top-quality, professional grade, vitamins, supplements and more from our online store.

Highly Rated

We are so proud to have been chosen Number One Wellness Centre in the area for years! Thank you to our valued clients. It is our honour to serve you! 

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“That’s twice now Dr. Cobi has saved me from MAJOR health problems down the road. First one was 7 years ago, I came in as a very sick diagnosed IBS that landed me in many, many hospital trips with severe pain, to discovering I was JUST allergic to eggs after Dr. Cobi's allergy testing. Four days after I stopped eating eggs I never had a IBS symptom again! Never. The second one just recently was after 3 thyroid tests by my regular Doctor over the course of a year or two, coming back in the low but 'normal' range every time yet having ALL THE SYMPTOMS.

Tanya Mack

“I absolutely love Dr Cobi. Visiting her is like coming home. She is warm and welcoming and is unbelievably knowledgeable. I have been a patient for the past 6 months and feel like a new person. I also took advantage of having laser done on a broken wrist and sprained ankle. I can recommend the laser therapy, it made a huge difference in the healing progress and my ability to get back to my normal activities.”

Susa Van Der Heever

“Love the atmosphere very calming and welcoming. She went over all my medical history, took her time asking me questions writing everything down. We are starting with blood work to see where I need to start.”

Ronda White

“After less than a week after finding out my test results, the supplements and suggested eating plan (not diet, this is a new way to eat now), I feel FANTASTIC. Cutting caffeine, gluten, sugars and almost all carbs sounded tough, but it is not as bad as you would think. I am steadily losing weight, but more importantly my sleep is so much better and my mental clarity is through the roof! Thanks Dr. C!”

Karen Rissling

“I finally feel like ME again after the birth of my beautiful son 20 months ago. Dr Cobi really took the time to listen to me and how I was feeling, and suggested an array of natural, safe & gentle mood & hormone stabilizers. I am back to doing the things I LOVE that I haven't been able to find the motivation for. THANK YOU! Half marathon, here I come!”

Sarah Blackwell

“Thank you for giving me my life back! I felt like something was wrong with me. Like I was slowly dying. My doctor said it was hormones and I needed to change my diet and there was nothing she could do for me. I did and still my weight kept creeping up and I felt like crap. Nothing was helping. My body was telling me something and I didn't know what? I found Dr. Cobi online. She really listened. Now my skin, hair, weight, energy and clarity are so much better. I no longer suffer with the pain in my gut as well in my legs and feet. I'm so excited about my weight dropping. I eat real food.

Caron Norman

"We are truly blessed to have this wonderful, professional, knowledgeable and caring doctor here in our community. Dr. Cobi was very thorough and took the time to ask the detailed questions that were required to obtain an accurate assessment of my health and background. She truly cares about her patients and their wellness. Her clinic is very welcoming and the staff are just as lovely as she is. I would recommend Dr. Cobi to anyone who is seeking a Dr. of Natural Medicine."

Nadine Daigle

"Amazing. Dr. Slater is a true doctor. She listens and wants to help! 
She is knowledgeable and uses techniques other doctors may have not have even heard of. Dr. Slater is a very compassionate doctor who wants to figure out what's going on. I would recommend her to everyone."

Derrick Keist

"Dr. Cobi is an amazing doctor. She changed my life. I have seen her for many years and she has helped with issues with my health and my children, Her wealth of knowledge and her sense of care is like no other I have seen from a doctor. I have been to other naturopaths and they don't compare to the knowledge of Dr Cobi. I recommend her to all of my friends and family. This clinic has warm and welcoming staff as well as many services that are very helpful. I love Essential Health and Dr. Cobi."

Valene McCann


Get on the right track – change your life in just 4 weeks. 




Books by Dr. Cobi. Order yours now!

Whether you are looking for a quick breakfast idea, a favourite entrée, a slowly cooked soup or many more delicious recipes, The Ultimate Gluten and Dairy Free Cookbook proves that gluten and dairy free cooking can mean healthy, easy and nutritious eating for everyone!

Living a completely balanced and healthy lifestyle without weight fluctuations is possible when you discover and conquer which roadblocks are the underlying root causes of weight loss resistance.

This book is not just for people who are suffering with the commonly overgrown yeast, Candida but for anyone who wants to embrace true health.

Today, more and more people in our society are experiencing increasing hormone dysfunction. A plethora of symptoms that are plaguing women and men of all ages can be linked to imbalances within the hormonal cascade.

The Refresh Revive Restore 10-Day Detox will help you to rebalance your body and take back control of your metabolism using the power of whole food eating and toxin elimination.

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Essential Health is dedicated to providing professional, safe and effective complementary health care through the use of research and evidence based on natural medicine therapies.



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