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Bone Marker Test

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The Importance of Strong Bones

During their lifetime, 1 in 3 women will break their hip bones. This is preventable. The health of your bones can be evaluated with a urine test. Empower yourself with information about your bones that will make a difference with intelligent choices. 

What is Bone Aging?

Bone turnover is a process that continues to take place throughout our lifetime. It is a delicate balance between bone formation and breakdown. In childhood and early adulthood, the process is strongly in favor of bone formation and this continues up to the age of 30-40 years; after which the balance starts to tilt to bone breakdown. This results in the gradual thinning of bone with age, or osteoporosis. Around the onset of menopause, bone turnover tilts in favor of bone breakdown. This is due to the persistent imbalance or decline in estrogen, progesterone, and other hormone levels.

How is it related to Menopause?

During cycling years most women have enough ovarian output of progesterone and estrogen. These two hormones promote bone growth. Around the mid-forties (usually 3-4 years before the cessation of menstruation) the levels of estrogen and progesterone start to gradually drop off, thus accelerating bone dissolution. In men, the drop of testosterone can lead to a similar picture. Men convert testosterone into estrogen; therefore a decrease in testosterone can reduce estrogen levels.

​Specific markers included in this test are: Collagen cross-links, DHEA, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol and FSH.

Do you need the Bone Marker Test?

This test is advantageous for the following high-risk people:

  • Individuals over 40 years of age
  • Women around menopause
  • Non-active people with sedentary lifestyles
  • Smokers
  • Family history of Osteoporosis
  • Individuals who have diabetes, kidney disease, adrenal impairment or rheumatoid arthritis

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