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Dr Cobi has a team of practitioners that she regularly refers to as needed. Dr Cobi values the affiliations that she has with other health practitioners and will also work alongside conventional medicine physicians.

Dr Cobi has 2 children of her own and loves to help children with their health. Food allergy testing is a common test that is very helpful for many childhood ailments. Dr Cobi also utilizes specialized neurotransmitter testing as part of a treatment plan for ADD/ADHD, Autism, Behavioral issues and more.

Specialized lab testing is an integral part of Dr Cobi’s practice. Discovering the root cause of the issue is the main goal to properly treat the patient. Common lab testing includes: food allergy testing, comprehensive hormone testing, complete thyroid testing, adrenal testing, heavy metal testing, complete digestive analysis testing, parasite testing, Candida testing, vitamin and nutrient testing, mood disorder testing, sleep testing, skin testing and neurotransmitter testing. 

The number of appointments vary depending upon the individual situation. After the initial consultation is completed, there are generally 5-10 follow ups that are needed that are booked every 1-8 weeks. 

Dr Cobi does ELISA IgG testing which includes testing for 95 different foods as well as Candida (a common yeast overgrowth) and Celiac (Gluten intolerance). The test is done through a simple non-invasive blood test and results take approximately 4 weeks.

Dr Cobi specializes in Hormone dysfunction. Comprehensive Hormone Testing is often recommended to discover the underlying cause. Hormones that are commonly tested include the adrenal hormones, Cortisol and DHEA, the thyroid hormones, TSH, Free T4, Free T3 and Thyroid Antibodies as well as Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone and Insulin. Testing is achieved through a combination of blood and saliva collection.

Heavy Metal testing is done through a Toxic Hair Analysis Test. A small amount of hair is collected, (approximately 1 tablespoon) and evaluated for the presence of certain heavy metals as well as all mineral levels.

No referral is necessary to see Dr Cobi or to have any of the services done at Essential Health Natural Wellness Clinic.

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Essential Health is dedicated to providing professional, safe and effective complementary health care through the use of research and evidence based on natural medicine therapies.



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