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I don’t have a parasite, right?! Well...

Many practitioners believe that if you have a pulse, you have parasites! Well, while this might be a slight exaggeration, it is actually not too far from the truth.

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Some Not So Common Ways That Parasites Can Affect Your Health

Last week you learned how to begin your healing journey by opening up your drainage pathways. You need to work on that for at least a few weeks before you jump into parasite detoxing.

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Are Parasites the Cause of Your Chronic Symptoms?

Did you know that Parasites can hold their weight in mold, viruses, chemicals, candida, Lyme and heavy metals?! That means that if you have something like mold toxicity but you do not address the parasites first, then you will never get rid of the mold!

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Root Cause of Chronic Illness

Are you one of the millions suffering debilitating symptoms from a chronic illness? Or do you suffer from a myriad of symptoms and you have no idea why? There are many underlying root causes of chronic illness and symptoms that too often get overlooked.

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