Achieve Optimal Health by Getting to the Root Cause

The key to achieving optimal health and healing from chronic symptoms and/or conditions is finding the ROOT CAUSE! Over the years, I have had thousands of patients report symptoms that have not gone away despite their best efforts because the root cause was not discovered. Our bodies are designed to heal and thrive well in advanced years. If you are experiencing symptoms of any type, that is your body’s way of communicating that something is out of balance and needs addressing.

The first steps are lifestyle changes such as the ones listed below. If you have made those changes are still experiencing symptoms, then it is time to dive deep and get to the root cause so that you can heal. Without knowing what is truly going on, the journey to wellness can be extremely stressful and frustrating.
I have had thousands of conversations with patients who have lost hope simply because no one took the time to fully investigate the origin of their issues.

Imagine suffering needlessly for years because something was overlooked. This is the very reason that I have made it my life’s work to be an investigative medical detective. I thrive on finding the answers and it is life giving to me to be on this quest with my patients!

Start with These Lifestyle Changes


  • Re-Establish healthy sleep patterns
    Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night.
  • Hydrate
    Our bodies are made up of mainly water so proper hydration is critical for all functions of the body. Consume half your body weight in filtered water daily.
  • Manage Stress
    Notice how I did not say eliminate stress! We will always have stress but the key is to manage it well. Do not allow unnecessary stress to rule your life. Focus on breath work, meditation, gratitude, journaling and surrounding yourself with positive people.
  • Movement
    Move your body daily in some way. It can be anything from gentle stretching to full out running and everything in between. Do whatever floats your boat but do it consistently.
  • Optimize your Nutrition
    Obviously, what we put in our body will be a direct reflection on how well we feel. Focus on whole foods. Reduce/eliminate processed foods, refined sugar, inflammatory foods and excess simple carbs. (Sign up for my newsletter to receive a FREE Healthy Eating Menu Plan to get a better idea of what healthy eating looks like).

If you are regularly doing all of these things and you are still having issues, this is where the proper investigative Functional Medicine Testing comes in!

You do not have to struggle with chronic health issues! Discovering the root cause of your issue is the only way to get on the right journey to healing.

The first step is to book your appointment to determine your individual needs.
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