Dr. Cobi's Top 10 Health Tips

1. Detoxify or cleanse your body on a regular basis

Cleansing on a regular basis aids in the elimination and neutralization of toxic wastes and helps to revitalize the natural functions of the body. Fasting one day a week or one day a month is the simplest form of detoxifying. Treating yourself to a three week cleanse two times per year has many positive health benefits.

2. Each morning drink one glass of pure water with ½ a freshly squeezed organic lemon

Lemon water in the morning stimulates gastric and pancreatic enzymes which improve digestion and enhances the absorption and assimilation of nutrients. Lemon water stimulates the detoxification process of the liver and is beneficial in facilitating gradual weight loss.

3. Drink one tall glass of pure water mixed with 1 tablespoon of freshly crushed flaxseeds or psyllium seeds each morning or night

Flax and psyllium seeds are fiber-rich foods that increase motility of the lower digestive tract, reduce transit time, improve bowel health, reduce the risk of colorectal cancers, and facilitate weight loss as fiber is needed to eliminate fats from the body.

4. Eat fresh garlic daily

Fresh, raw garlic has powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that help our immune system fight infection. Garlic is well known for its cholesterol-lowering effects and is beneficial in the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease. Cooked garlic retains its cardiovascular benefits but loses its immunological properties. Garlic should be crushed, squeezed or sliced and left to stand up to 10 minutes before consumption or before adding to cooking to achieve its active health benefits.

5. Eat a small handful of nuts daily

Almonds, Brazil nuts, and sesame seeds are a rich source of calcium and have protective benefits against cardiovascular disease. Nuts are an excellent source of protein and can help regulate blood sugar, lower LDL cholesterol levels, and contribute to healthy skin, hair, nails, teeth & gums.

6. Eat at least one cup of brightly colored vegetables and three pieces of different colored fruits daily

Bright colored fruits and vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and minerals and contain antioxidants that are necessary to combat the effects of aging and reduce the risk of degenerative diseases. A good rule of thumb is to have 2 cups of vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit on your plate.

7. Drink 2 cups of green tea daily

Research studies have shown that the key to better health may be in your tea bag! Drinking green tea consistently has amazing health benefits; it can lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease, cancer and dental cavities, it protects skin from damaging UV rays, fights bacterial and viral infections, and can aid in weight loss. Two cups of green tea has as much vitamin C as a cup of orange juice.

8. Rest

Non-restorative sleep increases cortisol levels that lead to stress and age-related, degenerative diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s.

9. Play

If you work hard, play hard. Spending time every week participating in an activity that you enjoy will decrease stress levels, refresh your mind and rejuvenate your spirit. Exercise increases norepinephrine levels in the body that help to elevate mood and give us a better outlook on life. Exercise stimulates lymph flow which aids the body in the elimination of metabolic waste that may have harmful toxicity potential.

10. Laugh!

The average child laughs over 400 times per day. The average 50 year old adult laughs 40 times per day. Research studies that laughter decreases stress levels and boosts the immune system. Laughter also stimulates the production of natural killer cells, the body’s first line of defense against tumor cells and cold and flu generating viruses.